Conditions of Hire

1. The scale of charges is as decided by the Management Committee of the hall and normally covers the use of the whole premises. 

2. The hirer must accept the full financial responsibility over and above the charge paid for any extra costs incurred to repair any damages caused. This includes leaving the hall clean and tidy otherwise an additional cleaning fee will be payable. 

3. Payment of the full higher charge is required within 14 days of booking confirmation, (or 48 hours if booked within the 14 day window before the event). The higher charge is non-refundable unless there are exceptional circumstances. (regular hall users have their own arrangements for payment).

4. All breakages of china, crockery or furniture to be charged per item. 

5. All refuse including bottles and cans must be taken away by the hirer, no plastic sacks should be left outside the hall by the litter bin as they will not be taken away by the refuse collectors. 

6. Sunday bookings are allowed at the Management Committee’s discretion. 

7. The hall has a maximum capacity for 100 persons, and the hirer shall not exceed this number. There are seats, china and cutlery for 70 people. 

8. Bookings for children under 16 years old must be supervised by at least one adult per 8 children. 

9. The hall is covered for entertainment by a Village Halls Premises Licence. This does not cover the sale of alcohol. In order to hold an event where alcohol is sold, a temporary event notice needs to be applied for from the NFDC licensing authorities. The higher must also obtain consent for such an event from the Management Committee of the hall. 

It is suggested that the hirer contact the landlord of the Gamekeeper Public House in Woodlands Road, they will deal with all the necessary paperwork for the temporary event notice and supply a bar for the event. There will be a charge for this licence. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of the hiring. 

10. The hall is close to residential houses so please show consideration for others.  Music may be played at a reasonable level for private functions. Please ask your guests to leave quietly at the end of your event.  (Car door banging and loud talking in the car park is disturbing to local residents.)

11. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the hall. 

12. Decorations, pictures etc. must not be pinned or stuck on the walls, ceiling or paintwork. The hall be decorated during the Christmas period. 

13. Hall property must not be taken outside or away from the hall or borrowed without permission.  Any damage to the hall or hall property or any failure of the hall equipment must be reported to the booking clerk or hall committee as soon as possible. 

14. Injury to person’s using the hall must be reported to a member of the hall committee and recorded in the hall accident book. There is a basic first aid kit in the kitchen with the Hall Accident Book. The Management Committee accepts no responsibility for injury to any hall user or for loss or damage of hall user’s property. 

15. The hirer shall ensure that electrical appliances brought by them to the hall shall be in safe, good working order and used in a safe manner. 

16. The hirer shall ensure that no highly flammable substances are brought into the hall.

17. The hirer shall ensure that no Chinese lanterns are brought onto the hall premises, nor allow them to be released into the atmosphere. Helium balloons and Chinese lanterns are a danger to the environment. 

18. The hirer shall ensure no unauthorised heating appliances shall be used on the premises without consent of the management committee portable liquefied propane gas (LPG) appliances shall not be brought into the hall building. 

19. The keys may be collected from the booking Clark or from the key safe (code to be given after payment of booking), this can be collected no more than 15 minutes before an event and returned no later than 15 minutes after an event. If extra time is required in the booking clarke must be consulted. The keys must be kept on the hall premises during the period of hire. 

20. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all the lights are turned off, and the windows and external doors are locked before leaving the premises. 

Note:  The fire escape external doors in the main hall and small hall only require a firm pull to close and lock. 

The gate to the car park must also be locked after all vehicles have left. 

Fire Safety

1. The exact location of the fire exits and fire extinguishers must be noted before the hall is occupied. The position and manner of opening the fire doors should be made known to all people who will be in the hall.

A sketch plan showing these is on the hall notice board and will be sent electronically with each booking. 

2. In the event of a fire evacuation the hall users should assemble near to the FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT sign in the car park so a roll call can be taken. 

Telephone the fire brigade by dialling 999 

The hall address is: Woodlands Road Woodlands Southampton SO40 7GE.